28/10 to 01/11

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

Dear Parents,

What an amazing week this has been for the children- Halloween celebrations, dance and music and a whole lot of fun stuff being done in school for them to enjoy their learning. This has had almost all of the children including the infants say in their own special way- ‘Let’s go to TRINS’.

Parents when we hear from you how excited each child is to come to school in the morning, it reiterates our belief that we are here for them and wish to make their early years a memorable part of their lifelong learning journey. The events and activities planned for them help them build on their learning and nowhere does it take away from the academic focus. In fact ‘Learn by doing’ strengthens this in children.

The next BIG event on our calendar- ‘The TRINS Broadway- Early Years’

The Early Years Broadway is a collaborative event. We are excited to have all 5 Early Years schools which come under the TRINS umbrella coordinating and jointly putting up a show. We are truly excited to see all our children on stage starting right from the infants.

We request you to please inform all your friends and family to attend the first ever ‘Early Years- TRINS Broadway’. Entry passes will be available at school from next week. Kindly do let us know how many passes you will be needing, this will help plan logistics.

You could send a message on the APP to us with number of passes to be reserved for you and family- The cost of each pass is Rs. 500/- The proceeds of the event will be donated to a social service cause as is the tradition at TRINS.

SAVE THE DATE- 16th November 2019

Logistics and planning is complex and will require the minutest detail to be taken care of. We have a run through at the venue two days prior and then the final day. For this we have a meeting on the 16th of November to appraise you of each detail and request at least one parent of each child to mandatorily attend.

Hope you have all responded to the personal call being made by – Charutha our new Admissions Executive


We are very fortunate to have Mr Sanjay Prabhakaran the PYP coordinator of our school giving us a presentation on the ‘Value and Benefits of the IB curriculum’, a topic that many parents have asked for in the PTM feedback form. This will also be on the same day- 16th November 2019. Parents it will be great if you could attend the same as well.

The Agenda is as follow- Saturday 16th November 2019

  • 10:00 am- 10:45am The IB Curriculum
  • 10:45am – 11:00am Tea Break
  • 11:00am- 11:45am- The Broadway Information Session

We understand that parking is a concern, we can have the school van pick you up from the Techno park visitors’ parking lot- We will run two shuttles for that one day. One at 9:30 am and one at 9:45 am. Drop back at 12:00 noon. Kindly let us know if you wish to avail this shuttle option on the 16th of November.

For those of you who have not yet done so- Kindly send Rs 1750/- in a sealed labelled envelope on Monday 28th for the costume that we have ordered for your child.

Halloween Celebrations at the centre was a ‘Boo-tiful’ event- The art and craft done related to the theme was creatively done by all and the display around was awesome. The children dressed in their ‘spookiest best’, the teachers skit on the ‘Good Witches’ and the attempted ‘Ramp Walk’ by the children added to a morning of enthusiasm and pleasantries. The lollypop as the ‘treat’ was of course the most loved part of the day.

Next Week

WOW Wednesday – November 6th  “STRIPES DAY” – Horizontal, vertical or even diagonal any stripes will do. Do send your child dressed in the theme –please do send in an object for Show and Tell related to the theme.

Once more a reminder to all- Kindly initial the ‘Sign Out’ register daily. It is kept at the reception.

Request to all- Please visit our Facebook/Instagram pages, ‘Like’ it and follow it regularly. We post pictures every day of a highlighted experience at school.

Activities and few pictures of the Past Week.

  • Footprint butterflies
  • Feed the Ghost
  • Pumpkin Making with crepe paper
  • Balloon painting
  • Flower painting with fork and finger
  • Dance and Music
  • Reading books

Regards and Thanks

Sakhi Pradeep