11/11/ to 15/11/

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.’– Angela Schwindt

Dear Parents,

The Future of us- Humans are hardwired to strive towards progress and parents are no exception here. With a new year just around the corner, we feel like we’re blessed with a fresh start and a chance to do better this time. We all want to raise our children with a solid moral foundation, teach them important skills and values, and support them in becoming responsible, caring, and healthy adults. The question is: how do you actually do that? For starters, accept the trial and error method. Parenting is a tough job, especially because it is a whole new role in one’s life and no one is bringing up a child on their own. Today’s kids are exposed to numerous influences: from media and the internet to peers, school, and even random strangers. Children soak in everything and process it in their own unique way. The 5 basics can be done before they are 5 years old.

  1. Honesty. Help children find a way to tell the truth.
  2. Justice. Insist that children make amends.
  3. Determination. Encourage them to take on a challenge.
  4. Consideration. Teach them to think about others’ feelings.
  5. Love. Be generous with your affection.

As we know Children’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of November every year, all across India, though for us every day is Children’s day. Our special celebration this year was on WOW Wednesday – Every child came dressed in their finest ‘Grown- Up’ outfits and school suddenly was filled up with so many adults all around. Grandpa and teacher outfits were the most popular, we also had doctors, army captains, dads and Jawaharlal Nehru being represented.

The TRINS Broadway- Early Years’ on the 30th of November.-We request you to please inform all your friends and family to attend the first ever ‘Early Years- TRINS Broadway’. The cost of each entry pass is Rs 500/- please do reserve your passes before they run out.

We request you to also kindly check if you could sell Donor passes of Rs100/- each for those not attending. The proceeds of the event will be donated to a social service cause as is the tradition at TRINS.

16th November 2019- Looking forward to meeting you for a presentation by our PYP coordinator Mr. Sanjay Prabhakaran and for the Broadway Agenda.

We hope everyone has sent in the costume money by now. Last date for the same is 18th November.

Next Week

WOW Wednesday For the next two weeks WOW Wednesday will be on hold, the focus has now shifted completely on to the ‘Broadway’ as the countdown begins.

Request to all- Please visit our Facebook/Instagram pages, ‘Like’ it and follow it regularly. We post pictures every day of a highlighted experience at school.

One Important Announcement – As you know we are happy to celebrate your child’s birthday at the centre and share the joy with their peers. We however do request that the cake you need must be bought from our own TRINS bakery- This will ensure a standard quality that we offer to all the children. We require an advance notice of at least a week. You may speak to us to find out more details.









LUNCHKallappam Potato curryDosa Tomato chutney SambharChappatti Egg CurryIdly Chutney SambharThali Meals
  DESSERTGulab jamunPayasumKesariChocolate custardPayasum
  EVENING SNACKSMuffinsCut FruitsCake SlicesVadaFrench Fries
  LUNCHIdiappam Veg stewVeg Pulav Veg KurmaDosa Kadal curryChappatti Potato CurryIdly Sambhar Chutney
DESSERTShahi TukdaCut fruitsKadala payasumShahi TukdaPayasum
EVENING SNACKSVegetable SandwichBanana FittersBread PakodaChanna chundalFrench fries

Thanks & Regards

Rasha Mirza & Arti Rawat