21/10 to 25/10

“Success is a journey, not a destination.

 The doing is often more important than the outcome.” – Arthur Ashe.

Dear Parents,

Confidence is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child. Self-confidence comes from a sense of competence. A confident child needs a positive and realistic perception of his or her abilities. This arises out of achievements, great and small. Your encouraging words can help develop this confidence, especially when you refer to your child’s specific efforts or abilities.

From taking their first steps to learning how to read, children gain self-confidence as they master new skills. This gives them the courage to continue to explore and expand their abilities. As you encourage their independence, you may also need to help them talk through their frustrations and fears. As you see them express interest in trying something new, teach them strategies that will help them master the skill. They will develop confidence as they practice these new tasks and recognize their progress.

Our first Broadway is one such step to help build this in our children and dear parents we need your whole hearted support to help make this event a grand success.

The Early Years Broadway is a collaborative event. We are excited to have all 5 Early Years schools which come under the TRINS umbrella coordinating and jointly putting up a show. We are truly excited to see all our children on stage starting right from the infants. 

We request you to please inform all your friends and family to attend the first ever ‘Early Years- TRINS Broadway’. Entry passes will be available at school from next week. Kindly do let us know how many passes you will be needing, this will help plan logistics.

You could send a message on the APP to us with number of passes to be reserved for you and family- The cost of each pass is Rs 500/-

The proceeds of the event will be donated to a social service cause as is the tradition at TRINS. Details of the beneficiaries will be shared shortly.

SAVE THE DATE- 16th November 2019

Logistics and planning is complex and will require the minutest detail to be taken care of. We have a run through at the venue two days prior and then the final day. For this we have a meeting on the 16th of November to appraise you of each detail and request at least one parent of each child to mandatory attend.


We are very fortunate to have Mr Sanjay Prabhakaran the PYP coordinator of our school giving us a presentation on the ‘Value and Benefits of the IB curriculum’, a topic that many parents have asked for in the PTM feedback form. This will also be on the same day- 16th November 2019. Parents it will be great if you could attend the same as well.

The Agenda is as follow- Saturday 16th November 2019

  • 10:00 am- 10:45am The IB Curriculum
  • 10:45am – 11:00am Tea Break
  • 11:00am- 11:45am- The Broadway Information Session

We understand that parking is a concern, we can have the school van pick you up from the Techno park visitors’ parking lot- We will run two shuttles for that one day. One at 9:30 am and one at 9:45 am. Drop back at 12:00 noon. Kindly let us know if you wish to avail this shuttle option on the 16th of November.

Kindly send Rs 1750/- in a sealed labelled envelope on Monday 28th for the costume that we have ordered for your child.

This past WOW Wednesday, the festive mood continued at the centre- ‘Diwali’ was a warm and colourful celebration – Almost all the children came dressed in their best finery and the festive ambience was beautiful. The children were told the story of Diwali, we sang some songs and ended the fun morning with a happy Diwali dance that the children enjoyed. The art and craft done related to the theme was also creatively done by all. 

Field Trip- The main school has a ‘Food Fair’ on the 1st of November and we wish for our children to participate in the same. The children there put up stalls selling assorted items. We will leave school at 9:15 am in the school van and be back in school by 12:00 for lunch. 

Please ensure your child reaches school no later than 9:00 am on the 1st of Nov. The school van will ply as usual. Kindly do send their small snack and an empty box in case they need to pack some of their uneaten snack that they may purchase at the Food Fair. Please do send their water bottle and a small napkin. Please send Rs 200/- with your child in a little wallet for them to go shopping at the ‘Food Fair’

Next Week 

WOW Wednesday – October 30th will be “HALLOWEEN” Do send your child dressed in the theme –please do send in an object for Show and Tell related to the theme. We wish for the children to enjoy a “Trick or Treat” experience and will be sharing a few candies with them at the celebration.

Once more a request to all- Please visit our Facebook/Instagram pages, ‘Like’ it and follow it regularly. We post pictures every day of a highlighted experience at school.

Activities and few pictures of the Past Week.


  1. Children enjoyed doing a Messy paint activity showing their creative and imaginative skills.
  2. Children are now able to recognize many colours and they are enjoying singing the Rainbow song. This week they created their own rainbows to.
  3. They also enjoyed a fun activity during circle time to learn new shapes and patterns.


  1. Number 6 was reinforced with a fun activity this week.
  2. Number 7 was introduced with the concept of one and more and the children traced Number 7 in slate and play dough.
  3. Written work of number 7 was done in the workbook.
  4. Children are also understanding the concept of patterns through several activities.


  1. Letter /e/ was introduced this week through rhymes. Formation of letter /e/ was done with the help of slate and play dough.
  2. Children revised all the sounds that they have learnt  s,a,t,i,p,n,c,k,e through rhymes and flashcards.
  3. They are also learning new blending words with the sounds and letters they have learnt like it,is,in,sat,pen,cat etc.
  4. They also did written work of letter c in their workbook.
  5. They also enjoyed a fun story time “Stuck in the Muck”


  1. Children got their Good Habits Journal which was read in class for everyone to appreciate what wonderful things they are doing at home. It was a fun reading session.
  2. Diwali fun was enjoyed and celebrated among all classes and the children had a great time dancing and seeing a short story on Diwali.
  3. We all sang Happy Birthday Song for our sweet Rehan .


  1. Zumba Monday was full of fun and action.
  2. We are also practicing dance for our Broadway everyday.


  1. On the occasion of Diwali celebration children made beautiful diya’s and even colored real diya’s for takeaway.
  2. They are exploring their creativity by making art work by using imagination 

Menu for 28th October- to 8th November

LUNCHAppamVeg Curry
Chapatti Egg CurryDosaChutney SambharVeg PulavVeg KurmaThali Meals

Shahi TukdaKesariPayasumCut FruitsPayasum

French FriesCut FruitsMuffins VadaCake Slices


IdliChutneySambharIdiappamKadla CurryChapatti Egg CurryVeg PulavVeg KurmaThali Meals
DESSERTGulab JamunCustardSeviyanShahi TukdaPayasum
EVENING SNACKSVegetable SandwichFruitsBread ButterFrench FriesFruits