26/08 to 30/08

‘In a world where you can be anything; be kind’- Anonymous

With their increasing awareness and independence, pre-schoolers are ready to participate, if you show them how. We are firm believers that the best way to teach kindness to kids is to be a role model. They will learn by watching you be kind to friends, family and strangers. Children must have the insight to see how powerful their words are and how they can change someone’s life with just a simple act of kindness. Good Habits like these can help form character. Children have an inborn capacity for compassion and care. Temperament of course plays a role—some kids are naturally more tuned in to other people’s feelings and difficulties, while others are a bit oblivious. Either way, you have influence in fostering your child’s ability to empathize.

Save the next date – 

‘Grandparents Day’ – 19th September 2019.  10:30 am – 12:30 pm. This is exclusively for all grandparents to be with us and have an enjoyable time at ELC. We are letting you know early enough in case grandparents need to travel to be with us on the 19th of September, you could plan well in advance. Do send an RSVP as requested letting us know if they will be or will not be attending. 

It would be great if they could, sing a song, say a poem or tell us a story. The children will love it and so will we. Language no barrier. 

WOW Wednesday 

Wednesday September 4th   ‘Onam Celebrations’- Children to come dressed in their best ‘Kerala Finery’. They will need to bring loose flowers worth about Rs 50/- to make a class ‘Aatha Poo’ decoration- Kindly do not forget to send the same with them as they feel left out if they do not contribute to the class.

Our Field Trip today was a great learning experience for the children. We had a super time, exploring, playing and making friends with the children of the other branches of TRINS. 



The children enjoyed playing several fun games this week. They played games like Number bonding, Chinese Whisper and Balancing beam which helped them in understanding the concept of perseverance, self-regulation and balancing.


This week the letter sound /a/ was introduced through the jolly phonics song(/a/ a/ ants on my arm) and letter sound /a/ story. The children were taken for nature walk to look for Ants and they were really excited to find them. They also learnt to write the letter ‘a’ on a slate.


The children did the number 3 tracing in their workbook made the number 3 with help of play doh. The children understood the concept of pairing through a number 2 craft and also they learnt the concept of grouping through an ice cream cone craft


The children enjoyed the yoga session and the dance activity. The children had so much fun during the laughter therapy. The children had a good time while reading the story ‘ Showtime with Billy and Coco’.

The children did an art activity based on the field trip.

Menu for 26th August- 6th September

LUNCHIdiappamKadala CurryChapatiEgg CurryDosaGreen PeasVeg PulavVeg KurmaThali Meals

PayasumKesariGulab JamunCut FruitSemiya

Channa ChundalVegSandwichMuffin French FriesBanana

IdliSambharChutneyThali MealsOnam         SadhyaVeg Fried RicePeas MasalaThali Meals
DESSERTShahi TukdaKesariPayasumPuddingPayasum
EVENING SNACKSCake SliceAvalMuffinVeg SandwichBanana

Thanks and Regards

Bhavnita & Neelam