02/09 to 06/09

“The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.”  Alek Wek 

Have you ever stopped to think about why we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and holidays? It’s not just a festive thing to do, it’s a way to stop, cherish and reaffirm the things that we value in our lives.

We show how much we care about our families when we celebrate their birthdays; we underline how important our relationships are when we celebrate anniversaries; and when we celebrate holidays and other significant days — such as Onam, Independence Day, Book Day or Friendship Day — we demonstrate to those around us, especially our children, where our values lie. 

Our Onam celebration on the 4th was a heart-warming, colourful experience for all the children. The skit by K2, the dance by the support staff, the ‘AthaPoo’ done by the children and most of all the little ones dressed in their Kerala Best- all added to the ambiance and joy of the celebration. Truly a memory made for life.

Save the next date –

Grandparents Day’ – We regret to announce the change in date once again. Truly it is unfortunate but really due to reasons beyond our control- The new and yes final date will now be- 27th September 2019.  09:30 am – 12:00 pm. This is exclusively for all grandparents to be with us and have an enjoyable time at ELC.

Do send an RSVP letting us know if they will be or will not be attending. It would be great if they could, sing a song, say a poem or tell us a story. The children will love it and so will we. Language no barrier.

Onam Vacation-

Onam Holidays will be from 9th to 15th September– Preschool will reopen on 16th Monday. Childcare parents to please let us know if you would need childcare on 12th/13th of September

WOW Wednesday

September 18th will be ‘Yellow Day’- Do send your child dressed in the theme color- Please do send in an object for Show and Tell related to the theme.

Some Reminders-Once more a request to all- Please visit our Facebook page, ‘Like’ it and follow it regularly. We post pictures every day of a highlighted experience at school.

Important note:

In keeping with our unit, we plan to do an activity related to hygiene and cleanliness with the children. We request you to please send a small labelled toilet kit with a baby toothbrush, small toothpaste, small soap, small body lotion, comb and a napkin.

We will need this by 16th September when school reopens.

Kindly upload your review of the school both on Facebook and on Google

Activities and few pictures of the Past Week.


  • Explored the ways to maintain personal hygiene through Clean up the Doll Role Play
  • Used their senses to make observation about the environment
  • Learnt about themselves and about different parts of their body


  • Children had great fun imitating farm animals sounds
  • Sensory activity: Walking and balancing on a U shape path
  • Learnt colours through an interesting Wooden Educational Teaching Aid


  • Sorting beads activity – small beads transferred from the glass to a basket with the help of a spoon
  • Kids enjoyed the sand art activity on the  Light table created various shapes including circle with their little fingers
  • Circle the Loop activity- Kids circled and giggled going around the Hula-loop


  • Kids enjoyed making Ice Cream Cones using soft pom-pom balls
  • Created colourful Mahabali Umbrella for the Onam Art Activity
  • Athapoo- Colourful playtime with flowers part of the Onam celebration
  • Kids engaged and enjoyed the group brush painting


  • Engaged in various group activities, shared toys and also enjoyed playing group games
  • Making cookie sandwich


  • Jumping, Running Race
  • Kids had a Dance session with Abhijeet (dance teacher) and enjoyed the Aerobics class

Menu for 16th September – 27th September

LUNCH Idiappam Kadala Curry Chapati Egg Curry Dosa Green Peas Veg Pulav Veg Kurma Thali Meals
  DESSERT Payasum Kesari Gulab Jamun Cut Fruit Semiya
  EVENING SNACKS Cake Slice Veg Sandwich Muffin French Fries Banana
  LUNCH Idli Sambhar Chutney Thali Meals Chapati Egg Curry Veg Fried Rice Peas Masala Thali Meals
DESSERT Shahi Tukda Kesari Gulab Jamun Pudding Payasum
EVENING SNACKS Cake Slice French Fries Muffin Veg Sandwich Banana