09/12 to 13/12

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.” ― Muhammad Ali.

Dear Parents,

Milestones are a big deal to us. They represent progress, growth and achievement.

The 100th day of school was a significant milestone in the overall perspective of school life, and for teachers, parents, and students it offered a great opportunity for creative learning and celebration.

The inclusion of Math, literacy, art, music and dance all related to the number 100 was a great way to celebrate this significant day at school. We are all happy and are looking forward to next 100………

Save the Date

We have planned a field Trip on the 17th of December – Tuesday

Venue- Veli Garden and Beach- Please send them in Beach outfits. Please send a small dry snack and a small bottle of water, for them to have there. Please also pack a change of clothes, a napkin and a hat. If any parent would like to join us as a volunteer for the trip, do let us know, we will be more than happy to have you accompany us.

We will leave school at 9:30 am and be back by 12:30. Please ensure that your child reaches school latest by 9:15 am.

WOW Wednesday- 18th of December – Christmas Celebration at school.  Colours are – Red/White/Green- either a single colour or a combination.

Please gift wrap a small gift (costing not more than 150-200/- Rs), label it clearly and give it to the teacher on or before 16th December- Please try and do this without the child seeing the gift, van children may hand it over to the chechi.  We will retain it in class and Santa will hand it over on the 18th to your child. Please note it will be necessary to send the gift as we don’t wish to have any child upset on the 18th without a gift.

Winter Holidays for Preschool are from 23rd December to 5th January. If you wish to send the children to school during the vacation do let us know and check for the extra charges that will be applicable.

Childcare will be closed on 24th/25th December and 1st January Only-

Please click the link below sent by the photographer for Broadway pics:



Thanks & Regards,

Sakhi Pradeep