04/11 to 08/11

             ‘In a world where you can be anything- Be Kind’- ~Jennifer Dukes Lee

Dear Parents,

There are many benefits of teaching a child to be kind; small acts of kindness can start from the very beginning. Teaching and encouraging kindness is related to many positive outcomes. Scientific studies have shown that kindness has a great number of physical and emotional benefits, and that children require a healthy dose of warmth and love in order to flourish as cheerful and versatile individuals. Matters of the heart must be taken seriously and nurtured as a matter of priority.

At school, we do our best to encourage small acts of kindness. Learning to share, learning to wait for your turn, helping a friend, smiling at each other are many of the little acts of kindness that our children are learning on a daily basis. This will lead to a strong personal, social and emotional development in the future.

 ‘The TRINS Broadway- Early Years’ on the 30th of November.

We request you to please inform all your friends and family to attend the first ever ‘Early Years- TRINS Broadway’. The cost of each pass is Rs 500/-. The proceeds of the event will be donated to a social service cause as is the tradition at TRINS.

16th November 2019

Looking forward to meeting you for a presentation by our PYP coordinator, Mr. Sanjay Prabhakaran and for the Broadway Agenda.

We understand that parking is a concern, we can have the school van pick you up from the Technopark visitors’ parking lot- We will run two shuttles for that one day. One at 9:30 am and one at 9:45 am. Drop back at 12:00 noon. Kindly let us know if you wish to avail this shuttle option on the 16th of November.

We hope everyone has sent in the costume money by now. If not please do so latest by Monday 11th November.

“STRIPES DAY” – Horizontal, vertical and even diagonal stripes , the centre was a riot of colours with each child dressed in their ‘Stripy Best’- Thank you parents for keeping the spirit of the ‘WOW- Wednesday’ and enjoying it as much as the children and we do.

Next Week

WOW Wednesday – November 13th  .- ‘I am a Grown Up’- In keeping with ‘Children’s Day’ we ask for you to dress your child up as an adult- a grandma, a grandpa, a teacher, a mum, a dad or any grown up who is their favourite. The teachers, of course, will be dressed as children.  We will be sharing some sweets with the children. There will be a small performance by the teachers for the children’s special day.

Once more a reminder to all- Kindly initial the ‘Sign Out’ register daily. It is kept at the reception.

Request to all- Please visit our Facebook/Instagram pages, ‘Like’ it and follow it regularly. We post pictures every day of a highlighted experience at school.



We made a new friend this week, Rachel Francis, who is a new addition to our K2 class.

We discussed the Dos and Don’ts of classroom behaviour and we are trying our best to implement it on a daily basis.

We are learning about being in a team, through our Broadway dialogue and dance rehearsals.


We introduced the Monsoon season this week. We discussed about the food we eat during rainy season, the clothes we wear on a rainy day.

We sang a couple of Rainy Day poems, such as Incy Winy Spider, Rain Rain Go Away.

We made paper boats and decorated it. We will float our boat next week.


We discussed about polite ways of talking and had a discussion on magic words such as please, thank you, you are welcome, sorry, its okay and excuse me. We are now using these magic words in our daily conversation.

We introduced the CVC words of “og” and “ox” family , such as dog, log, fog, jog, box and fox. We practiced it orally and wrote the words in our notebooks.

We are writing new sentences daily so that we become good at rules of forming sentences. By writing sentences daily, we are also getting to practice writing the cvc words and tricky words that we have already learnt.

We listened to stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Miss Muffet, Peppa Meets Father Christmas, Pepper Learns Good Habits, Tea Time in Space.

We did show and tell about objects we brought on Stripes Day.


We introduced the number name Four this week, which we practiced orally and in writing.

We revised the number names One, Two and Three, that we had done last week..

We introduced the concept of time, using the word “o’clock” to describe time. We discussed how we describe our routine activities in terms of time.

We also drew a clock independently.


We made glittery stripes for our Stripes Day. We used a lot of imagination to decorate our own strip of paper and the result was amazing

We did a drawing on rainy day.

We tried drawing a clock on our own.

We made a boat with all the decorations, which we plan to float next week.

We had a cookery class on Tuesday, where we made bhel.


We did a lot of dance practice for our upcoming Broadway.

We went swimming on Friday.

We had soccer classes on Tuesday and Thursday.

We also had a lot of free play time.


LUNCH Kallappam Potato curry Dosa, Tomato chutney, Sambhar Chappatti, Egg Curry Idly, Chutney, Sambhar Thali Meals
  DESSERT Gulab jamun Payasum Kesari Chocolate custard Payasum
  EVENING SNACKS Muffins Cut Fruits Cake Slices Vada French Fries
  LUNCH Idiappam, Veg stew Veg Pulav, Veg Kurma Dosa , Kadala curry Chappatti, Potato Curry Idly , Sambhar, Chutney
DESSERT Shahi Tukda Cut fruits Kadala payasum Shahi Tukda Payasum
EVENING SNACKS Vegetable Sandwich Banana Fitters Bread Pakoda Channa chundal French fries


Manjula Kaliprasad

Homeroom Teacher – K2