17/02 to 20/02

“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” Anonymous

Dear Parents,

Make the most of your upcoming weekend, and plan for one (or more!) of these fun activities!

Head over to a local museum for an afternoon of exploration. A day at the museum offers many unique things to learn about and discover, for you and the kids. 

Check out the Stars Choose one spot in your house that gives a clear view of the sky, and venture out after dinner to watch how the night sky changes hour to hour and day to day.

Get Cooking- Kids especially love making pies, biscuits, and pizza, because they can squish the dough with their fingers. Watching yeasty dough rise and then punching it down is especially entertaining. When the baking is done, sit back and enjoy a bite alongside a refreshing drink

Go to the zoo. There’s nothing more enjoyable for children than a trip to the zoo. Enjoy the day there with a lot for them to explore and learn about.

Some Important points

  • The last term’s fees are to be paid on or before March 15th.
  • If you need a cake for your child’s Birthday celebration in School, please do give us a minimum notice of 3 working Days, we will be happy to organize the same.
  • School and Day-care are closed on 21st Feb- Shiv Rathri Festival
  • We now have Day Care available on Saturdays for the full Day – 9:00am- 5:00pm- You can opt for it on a demand by letting us know a day in advance. Please get in touch with us if needed so we can share the charges with you.
  • Kindly read the daily update- Daily and the Blog every Friday. Parents are missing out on important information shared.


Thanks & Regards,

Sakhi Pradeep