25/11 to 29/11

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. ~ Michael Jordan

Dear Parents,

Finally we have made it happen, our maiden Broadway is just one night away.

The past two days of run thru at Tagore has been a learning experience for all of us. We have had our good and not so great moments during the practice, but all in a day’s work. It’s been awesome to see our little ones grow with every experience.

All the students in all our Early Learning Centres and Early Years are super excited as the D-day draws closer and closer.  They have been practicing in all earnestness, for their dialogues and dances and each one of us is waiting eagerly for tomorrow morning.  

We are sure you are as excited as we are to see the little ones on stage. No matter how amazingly well they perform or maybe not so amazingly, we know each one is a STAR in their own right.

Do remember to bring your entry passes with you as they need to be produced for entry to the event at the venue.  Looking forward to seeing you at Tagore Theatre tomorrow at 10:00 am.

  1. Children to reach school by 8:00 am tomorrow the 30th of November
  2. Buses will ply, and pick up will 1 hour earlier than usual time. There will be a pick up on the 30th but no drop.
  3. On the 30th, please do not pick up your child before the end of the complete event, they will be handed over to you after the full show.


MENU FOR 2nd December to 13th December

LUNCHKallappam Potato curryDosa Tomato chutney SambharChappatti Egg CurryIdly Chutney SambharThali Meals
  DESSERTGulab jamunPayasumKesariChocolate custardPayasum
  EVENING SNACKSMuffinsCut FruitsBanana CakeVadaVeg Sandwich
  LUNCHIdiappam Veg stewVeg Pulav Veg KurmaDosa Kadal curryChappatti Potato CurryIdly Sambhar Chutney
DESSERTShahi TukdaCut fruitsKadala payasumShahi TukdaPayasum
EVENING SNACKSFruitsCheese SandwichBread PakodaFruitsVegetable Sandwich


Ms. Manjula Kaliprasad