23/09 to 27/09

Grandparents are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re there.” — Unknown

Dear Parents,

There’s no doubt that grandparents are awesome. When we were children, they were most likely the people we went to for an endless amount of love, and to be totally spoiled. They are the ones who let us get away with so much more than our parents would. They are also the wise ones we go to for advice, since they’ve seen so much more of the world than us. Our first Grandparents Day at the centre was awesome it was the perfect time to tell them how much we love them.

We started with the photo booth and slideshow, the testimonials by the guest of honour and other grandparents. This was the beginning of a great morning, the songs, the quick snack, the games and free dance all added to the festive mood of the day. Finally the Art and craft related to the unit that the children were learning about all added to make up for a memorable celebration.

For those whose Grandparents were unable to make it, yes we missed you but the present grandparents had enough love to share around and were more than happy to be substitutes for the day.

This week, Wow Wednesday, ‘Shape Day’- was an amazing day with each teacher representing a different shape, school was a fun filled place with each one discussing the shape they all came dressed as. The representation and song by the teachers was a learning for the children, they were exposed to the different shapes and their properties through musical by the teachers.

Hope to see you tomorrow –

 ‘Mommies and Friends Day’28th September 2019.  9:30 am – 12:30 pm.

It’s the Mommies’ turn now for a day out at ELC, along with a friend. All mums and their friends are invited for a day of some learning, bonding, and plenty of fun.

We have in store for you, talks on;-

  • ‘Early Positive Brain Experiences- by Dr Femitha Shifas- MD Paediatrics, DM Neonatology Consultant Department of Neonatology KIMS.
  • ‘Communicating with your child’ – Sharayu Thampi. Centre- Head

We also have activities so mum and child can create together, play together, and certainly enjoy together. Since more the merrier, along with you and your child, please bring your friend and her child to be part of this event.  

 ‘First Parent Teacher Meeting’ –5th October 2019.  Timing will be sent individually to parents for 10 minute time slots each next week. If you feel you would need to spend more time with the teacher, kindly make an appointment for an alternative day and time.

Gandhi Jayanthi – 2nd October- Holiday for all – Childcare and Preschool

Dusherra Hoildays on 7th and 8th October for Preschool. Childcare is open, please do let us know if you will be sending your child on the preschool holiday, we will let you know about the extra charges.

Next Week

WOW Wednesday

October 2nd– Holiday

October 9th will be ‘Garba Day’- Do send your child dressed in the theme –please do send in an object for Show and Tell related to the theme.

Some Reminders-

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Kindly upload your review of the school both on Facebook and on Google

Activities and few pictures of the Past Week


  • The children  enjoyed playing a telephone game; this was to begin to understand simple questions and repeat answers to the questions
  • Sang  rhymes and songs and we integrated this with a physical fun activity of going up and down on the slide  
  • Where is the ball? Kids enjoyed playing the game, they were asked whether the ball was in or out and they responded joyfully.


  • An activity outdoors was done about the story “Thirsty Crow”. The children were thrilled to see some crows outside.  They followed up on the story by doing a pebbles and water activity where they put pebbles in half a glass of water and were fascinated to see the water comes up to the brim, where they could feel the water which they were unable to do before we put the pebbles.
  • Rhyme: When You Happy and you know it clap your hands, expressing happy feelings


  • We enjoyed sorting blue beads and balls 
  • Kids did square shape sponge painting on a square shaped cut out
  • Teachers did a shape parade for WOW Wednesday to showcase different shapes
  • Kids enjoyed a run and go activity happily giving a blue balloon to the teacher at the other end of the room


  • It was a fun filled activity to make their own boats using different shapes
  • Cooking activity – Bread Pizza
  • Kids and grandparents celebrated the of our first unit by making a poster on  ‘Body Parts’ we did this as part of our  ‘Grandparents Day’


  • Crawling race was a favourite activity throughout the week  


  • Kids played many indoor and outdoor games together
  • Explored the outdoors on our nature walk, kids were excited to sight few butterflies and crows
  • Kids enjoyed playing games with their grandparents on “Grandparents Day”


LUNCH Dosa Potato Curry Chapati Egg Curry   Idli Sambhar Chutney Veg Pulav  Veg Mappas
  DESSERT Cut Fruit Kesari Gulab Jamun Pudding
  EVENING SNACKS Vada Cake Slice  Fruit Veg Sandwhich
  LUNCH Appam Kadla Curry Thali Meals Idiappam Veg Kurma
DESSERT Shahui Tukda  Payasum Kadla Payasum
EVENING SNACKS French Fries Fruit Bread Pakora