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‘We should all be eating fruits and vegetables as if our lives depend on it- because they do’- Michael Greger

Dear Parents,

Children today consume more calories than they did several years ago. Most of these calories are from sugary or salty fast foods that provide little nutrition. Vegetables and fruits, on the other hand, are tasty too but unlike fast foods, are packed with vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for your child’s growth.

How To Make Your Kids Eat Fruits And Vegetables?

Agreed that getting your child to eat enough vegetables and fruits is not easy. But as a parent, it is important that you include different kinds of vegetables and fruits in their diet every day. Here are a few tips to make your kids eat fruits and vegetables every day:

  • Kids learn by example. If your child refuses to eat vegetables at dinner, chances are he or she hasn’t seen you or your spouse eat them. So the first thing to do to make your child eat veggies is to start eating the greens yourself.
  • Presentation matters. Find interesting ways to cook and present vegetables at the dinner table. One way to enhance the presentation is to include vegetables of different colors. You can also do the same with fruits: make a salad with fruits of different colors to make it appealing.
  • Always have a bowl of fresh fruit on the table.
  • Give your kids something made from vegetables or fruits when they are very hungry.
  • Replace unhealthy snacks and fast foods with healthy alternatives like smoothies, fruit salads, and vegetable snacks.
  • Avoid giving your kids fruit juices. Stick to solid fruit and vegetables as much as possible, as juices can elevate blood sugar faster than sliced fruits do.
  • Encourage them to eat uncooked vegetables, if they can be eaten that way.

Fruit and Vegetable day at school was a colourful experience- The skit, art and craft and the fruit salad party in class all added to the fun of the morning- Truly a WOW Wednesday. We cannot reiterate enough the benefits of the same in the diet of the children- Continue to encourage them to consume as much and as often as possible.

WOW Wednesday on 12th- Valentine’s Day Celebration- Colour of the day will be- Red/White/Pink.

21st February- Holiday for both Day-care and Preschool on account of ‘Shivrathri’ festival.


Thanks & Regards ,

Sakhi Pradeep