27/01/20 to 31/01/20

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.”— Franklin P. Jones

Dear Parents,

It’s quite common for children who do not appear to have any behavioural difficulties at school to behave differently at home. Just because the difficult behaviour occurs at home, does not necessarily mean the trigger (or the cause) lies there. The child may find school very stressful, but keep their emotions locked up until they get home and sometimes its vice versa.

Most children on do not display the body language and facial expressions you would expect to see when a child is feeling a certain way. If you child appears to release their stress straight after school, it might be beneficial to set aside a period of time for them to calm down. If your child is relatively physical in their frustration, ie kicking or hitting, providing a trampoline, punch bag or letting them run around the garden may help relieve the stress. Other children like to relax by watching television or listening to music. Some find a bath especially soothing, or maybe a warm glass of milk and a healthy snack.

No matter where the behaviour occurs keep the lines of communication of open with your child and let them know you care and want to hear their side of the story. A simple conversation may be all it takes to uncover the cause of the problem. When your child feels comfortable being open and honest with you, they are more likely to disclose why they are behaving the way they are.

Please Note- As mentioned earlier we will be happy to celebrate your child’s birthday in school with all their friends, however it is the school policy that the cake be ordered from the school bakery itself. This helps ensure standard quality. Please check with your class teacher at least a week in advance to help organizing the same. We need to place the order with the Chef a minimum of 3 days prior as they have a lot of other commitments.

Class Photo- 29th January- We had a great photoshoot and will share the pictures with all at the earliest. The CDs of the Broadway have arrived, hope you have received your copy. Upcoming Dates to add to your Calendar:

.Parent Teacher Meeting-15th Feb(Saturday)

.Sports Day-28th Feb(Friday)

.Unit 3 Celebrations-4th March

.Science,Math and Art Fair-18th March

Saturday 15th February- Second Parent Teacher Meeting- Scheduled timing will be shared shortly. Please do let us know if you cannot make it on Saturday we will reschedule your meeting for a convenient date/time.

WOW Wednesday- 5th February- ‘Fruit and Vegetable’ Day- Dress code in keeping with the theme- Please send an object related to the theme for Show and Tell.








3/02/20 TO 7/02/20

  LUNCHChappati Veg CurryIddiappam Veg StewDosa Potato Curry  Idli Chutney SambharThali Meals
DESSERTCut FruitsWatermelonKesariPayasumCut Fruits
EVENING SNACKSBread PakodaChanna ChundalVeg PakodaVadaVeg Sandwich


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