02/12 to 06/12

 “Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” ~ E.B. White

Dear Parents,

This quote reminds us to stay curious – that is the secret to joyful creativity. All children have this curiosity and excitement over the smallest of happenings.  If you doubt that, watch a small child and see how long before they pick something up and squeal with delight!  As adults we must remember that!  They never stop asking questions.  They never stop wanting to see what is behind the next corner, behind the next door. They always want to be surprised.  Curiosity is one of a child’s most cherished gifts and we must try to nurture it every day.

It’s back to routines this week, with the Broadway fever having died down and the children are back to their regular school day. The only exception being the ‘Magic Show’ on Friday which was a celebration for all the children of all the centres for doing us so proud on stage at Broadway. They all enjoyed the show.

WOW Wednesdays are back- Next week 11th of December will be a celebration of 100 days at school- We are happy to have reached this milestone

Dress Code- Anything shimmery/shiny/blingly (No real jewellery please)

Save the Date

We have planned a field Trip on the 20th of December

Venue- Veli Garden and Beach- Please send them in Beach outfits and also please send a small snack for them to have there. We will leave school at 10:00 am and be back by 12:30- Vans and Drop/Pick timing remain the same.

Winter Holidays for Preschool are from 23rd December to 5th January. If you wish to send the children to school during the vacation do let us know and check for the extra charges that will be applicable.

Childcare will be closed on 24th/25th December and 1st January Only-


Thanks & Regards ,

Sakhi Pradeep