07/10 to 11/10

“Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly”                                       – Hooding S Cater

Dear Parents,

We hope you had a great break and enjoyed the short and sweet holiday, the children were excited to be part of the WOW Wednesday as soon as they returned and the colorful festive ‘Garba’ theme was a great way to celebrate seeing our little ones. The music and dance celebration was enjoyed by all and helped overcome the slight separation anxiety that they may have had after the break. We thank you all for your kind feedback and also for sharing your individual concerns. We would like to assure you that these will be worked on to the best of our ability.

Parents please note we have multiple ways of communicating with you so as to keep all channels of communication open- Please follow all of them to keep yourself updated on happenings in school.

The APP message – One to One communication between the teacher and parent, regular daily short messages as needed.

The APP Diary Note- Whole class Note/ Note to all parents – Common information

The APP Circular- Whole School Circular from the Centre Head’s Desk

The Blog- Weekly Friday Update with Wow Wednesday reminders, important dates and upcoming holiday’s activities done, menu curriculum updates and pictures. The link is https://trinselc.home.blog/ – Please check this every Friday evening

E-Mail- Extremely important information, either from the teacher or the school head.

Social Media- Pictures of all the events in school

Website- Bimonthly articles of interest and regular updates of pictures- www.trinsearlylearningcentre.com

Senior School Broadway tomorrow- Reminder

Our senior school Annual Broadway Program. TRINS has always emphasised on developing all facets of a child’s personality, by giving opportunities to develop their talents and interests along with academics. In keeping with this the senior school is ready to showcase the talent of our spirited young actors, and the brilliant scripting and direction of our students and teachers. It would be great if you could attend this show not only to encourage our young children but to also see how confident and poised our children become as they go from strength to strength.

The tickets will be available at the venue at the cost of 350/- or 500/-. Donor cards are also available in case you cannot make it for the show. The proceeds of this ticketed show will go to the Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum and Ward No 9 of General Hospital, Trivandrum. The show is on 12th October Saturday from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm. Venue- Tagore Theatre. Vellayambalam.

Save the Date- Our TRINS-ELC first ever Annual Broadway show is scheduled for November 30th Saturday morning. Details of timing, costume, logistics to follow shortly. Hope each of you has signed the consent letter for your child to be part of the program.

Next Week

WOW Wednesday – October 16th will be ‘Favourite Story Book or Story Book Character’- Do send your child dressed in the theme –

Once more a request to all- Please visit our Facebook/Instagram pages, ‘Like’ it and follow it regularly. Unfortunately we still don’t see too many of you on our pages. We post pictures every day of a highlighted experience at school.

Activities and few pictures of the Past Week.

  • Pasting the elephant cutout with colorful crepe papers
  • light table color painting
  • Reading stories
  • Rhymes and Dance

Thank you

Rasha Mirza