02/03 to 06/03

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr Seuss

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” Dr Seuss

Dear Parents,

I had to use two quotes this time as both are relevant and motivational, it was tough to choose one☺. 

March 2nd, is the birthday of one of the most beloved children’s authors of our time, Dr Seuss.  Our WOW Wednesday was a celebration to honour him. Children did that by participating in fun craft activities and listening to his much-adored stories. Thank you parents for sending them dressed as per the theme, it added joy to the day.

This motivational and awareness day calls all children, in every community, across the world to celebrate reading. It encourages them to read wherever they are. Great ways to inspire reading in children include:

  • Keep books everywhere you spend time. Put them in the car, in every room of the house and tuck them in backpacks and handbags. Make them easily accessible. 
  • Visit the bookstore or a library as often as you can. Browsing and looking around fosters a love of reading as well as a genuine respect for books.
  • Get caught reading. Children imitate what they see the adults around them, do. Whether they see you read a magazine, newspaper or novel, let them know reading is a cool thing to do. 
  • Read to your children. Irrespective of their age, reading aloud strengthens their vocabulary and language skills. It also opens up opportunity for discussion. 
  • Have your children read to you, too. You never know what you might learn!

9th March – Monday, Holiday for Preschool and Childcare on the occasion of ‘Pongala Festival’. We wish you all a Happy Pongala!

WOW Wednesday – 11th March- To celebrate the learning of unit 3, we will have a small presentation by the K1 and K2 children.

As we have the known Parking issue, 

We request you to kindly come with a driver, use a cab or…………….use our shuttle from Technopark visitors parking (we need to know if you would be using this option, to help us coordinate the vans). Please inform the teachers by Tuesday morning latest, if needed. 

Details as below.

9:00 am – Children arrive at school

9:15 am- Shuttle leaves Techno park visitors’ parking lot. 

9:30- 9:45 am- Parents to be seated in the performance room.

9:45- 10:15 am- Performance by K1 and K2 children

10:15- 10:45 am- Snacks and Tea for parents

11:00 am- Shuttle van to leave school








Thanks and regards,

Manjula Kaliprasad

Homeroom Teacher -K2